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Window & Glass Cleaner Spray 6x1ltr

Window & Glass Cleaner Spray 6x1ltr

  • Product description

    Window and Glass No Smear Cleaner - Sechelle

    • Best glass, mirror, and stainless steel cleaner

    • Ready-to-use blue liquid in spray bottle

    • Usage:

      • Smear-free cleaner suitable for windows, glass, mirrors, and stainless steel
    • Ideal for:

      • Glass
      • Mirrors
      • Windscreens
      • Stainless steel
      • Most hard surfaces
    • Cleaning Instructions:

      • Open nozzle and spray sparingly onto the surface, avoiding overspray
      • Spray onto cloth for small confined areas
      • Work over the surface with a lint-free, soft absorbent cloth
      • Buff until dry
      • Clean nozzle after use
    • Application Areas:

      • Specifically designed for glass, mirrors, windscreens, and stainless steel
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