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Tortiglioni no.23 - De Cecco 12x1kg

Tortiglioni no.23 - De Cecco 12x1kg

  • Product description

    ● Wide ridged pasta tubes. Bronze extruded to create a rougher surface area, perfect for holding sauces.

    ● Tortiglioni are wide ridged short Pasta tubes and one of many varieties of Maccherone, one of the oldest types of Pasta originating from Naples.

    ● The shape is particularly versatile, but also very original, and best suited to full-bodied sauces.

    ● Tortiglioni are excellent served with succulent Meat based Sauces, Vegetable and Tomato sauces and is a particularly suitable for oven-baked dishes.

  • About the brand

    Since 1886, De Cecco has been producing Pasta using the best quality durum wheat guaranteeing Pasta with unique qualities and perfect cooking performance.Italian Wheat is selected for it’s flavour along with California and Arizona Wheat for the quantity and quality of the proteins which make the Pasta “al dente”, firm and elastic, one of the characteristics of De Cecco Pasta. Following rigorous quality checks, the heart of each grain is gently ground and mixed with local spring water with the resulting dough slowly kneaded until the perfect consistency is achieved.
    The Pasta is cut using traditional bronze drawplates which results in a rougher, more porous surface allowing sauces to beautifully coat the Pasta. This technique combined with a slow drying process creates Pasta with an exceptional aroma, flavour and consistency.

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