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Syrah IGP Red 6 x 75cl

Syrah IGP Red 6 x 75cl

  • Product description

    An international grape variety, grown all over the world. Sicily produces high quality wines from Syrah, thanks to a rich and peculiar terroir.


    Its colour is one of its main virtues: intense, thick red colour with violet hues. Structured taste with notes of blackberries, spices, black pepper. Soft , fresh, with balanced tannins.

  • About the brand

    “Character” is the password of Bruno Fina and his family. Fina’s wines are the result of a land that is loved and fought for, they have the taste of the passion and of that grapes that have been wisely turned into wine, thanks to the dedication of the work in the vineyard.


    They have the familiar warmth and the experience of who has always done wine and has always know how to narrate it. This is how you transmit the hereditary character of the territory and the harmony of the men that search for excellence on a daily basis.


    Those are the fundamental element of Fina’s winery and for this reason Bruno considers his wines as part of his family. Aiming to get the best from the surrounding territory Bruno Fina’s winery has a modern and efficient structure transferring all the passion in rational organization of spaces and processes, in the maximum respect for the integrity of the grapes.

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