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Super Tuscan Lui di Luiano Red 6 x 75cl

Super Tuscan Lui di Luiano Red 6 x 75cl

  • Product description

    33% Cabernet Sauvignon, 34% Merlot, 33% Colorino Toscano.


    Aged in Oak for 24 months. Intense, full and persistent Berries, Plums, Coffee, Vanilla Beans and Dark Chocolate.


    “Lui di Luiano is obtained from grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Colorino Toscano grown in a single vineyard. This wine comes out of a vision from a visionary man, a daydreamer running his tractors on the red -clay to plant his vines, pursuing his own “ this is my wine ” project. This is a big and gentle wine, a high comfort after a full day of work and a touch of class in the enjoyment of a moment of relax. Try it with your favourite food in a meal, have it as an aperitif or indulge yourself in pairing it to a great chocolate dessert”.

  • About the brand

    In 1959 Alberto Palombo, textile merchant from Naples, became the owner of Luiano. Alberto and his wife, Licia were so enchanted by Luiano and its history that they decided to buy the property to carry on its long lasting tradition of vine growing and wine making. Alberto’s first steps as a vintner and a wine maker were very innovative. He immediately abandoned the mixed agricultural system that used to characterize all the farms in that period of time and focused on cultivating vines only. Alberto’s goal was to produce and distribute bottled wine of the highest quality.


    He made it and today his son Antonio and his grandchildren carry on the project adding even more enthusiasm and some innovation. Today Luiano is a dynamic family owned winery, which aims to produce fun and enjoyable wines. Both Alessandro and Felicia, Antonio’s son and daughter share their father’s passion for Luiano.


    Luianos production is entirely focused on excellence by combining techniques of innovation and tradition. Making wine at Luiano means making wine lovers drink with pleasure thanks to pleasant and enjoyable wines with a clean and clear taste. The aim is to offer in a bottle of wine the aroma and the flavour of perfectly ripened juicy fruit, a loyal representation of the hard work done in both vineyard cultivation and wine processing.

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