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Sultanas 1kg


Sultanas 1kg

  • Product description


    • Processing Method:

      • Ready-to-use sultanas with a slightly soft and wholesome texture, of average quality for the season
      • Characteristic sultana taste, free from objectionable flavours or odours
    • Ingredients:

      • Sultanas (99.55%), Sunflower Oil (0.5%)
    • Allergenic Information:

      • Packed in a factory that handles nuts, sesame seeds, gluten, soya, and sulphites and stores peanuts
    • Microbiological Information:

      • Total Bacterial Count: Max 50,000 cfu/g
      • E. Coli: Absent/10g
      • Salmonella: Absent/25g
      • Yeasts: Max 1,000 cfu/g
      • Moulds: Max 50,000 cfu/g
      • Coliforms: Max 100 cfu/g
    • Nutritional Values per 100g:

      • Energy: 275kcal/1171kj
      • Protein: 2.7g
      • Carbohydrates: 69.4g
      • Fibre: 2.0g
      • Sugars: 69.4g
      • Fat: 0.4g
    • Packaging:

      • Primary contact packaging: BRC certified food-grade bag (70-micron thickness)
      • Outer packaging: Recyclable corrugated double-walled brown box (375 x 240 x 325mm)
      • Gross weight: 1.012kgs, Net weight: 1kg
      • Individual bags labeled with product description, allergen information, country of origin, best before date (end MM-YYYY), net weight, and lot number
    • Storage Conditions & Shelf Life:

      • Cool, dry area free from contamination and moisture
      • Shelf life: Minimum 6 months from the pack date
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