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Speck de’na’olta 2kg

Speck de’na’olta 2kg

  • Product description

    • After deboning the pork is is spiced and massaged every 3 days. Thereafter the meat is smoked for 4-5 days.


    • Smoking takes place in a special smoker using non-resinous wood coppice, beech or oak.


    • This coppice wood is found in natural tree crops where chemical treatments have never been used. • Maturing takes place in a ventilated area for approximately 6 months.


    • Approx. weight 2.5kg.

  • About the brand

    La Casara Roncolato is a family-run Cheese Factory dating back to the 1920s run by the third generation of Roncolato family, retaining traditional methods of Cheese making with various exclusive and appealing types of cheese within their range.

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