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Semolina Rimacinata - Molino Vigevano 10kg

Semolina Rimacinata - Molino Vigevano 10kg

  • Product description

    ● Double milled durum wheat semolina, ideal for a range of uses; bread, pizzas, pasta and even to enhance the crunch of deep fried foods. 

  • About the brand

    Since 1936 Molino Vigevano is the market leading brand in the field of high quality blends based on flour that can be used for sweet and savoury preparations. The flagship product is Oro di Macina a flour made using the traditional Italian milling techniques dedicated to pizza chefs, pastry chefs and bakers who only want high quality products.


    Thanks to an exclusive patented process involving the cold and stone milling extraction, Molino Vigevano flours preserve the vitality and the active ingredients of the wheat germ. In this way, unlike other competing products, the germ is not toasted by the extraction process so that a golden dust can be obtained which, added to a selection of the best flour, makes it easier to work with and makes the dough more fragrant, tasty, digestible and light with a unique golden colour.

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