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Red Cooking Wine 4x3ltr

Red Cooking Wine 4x3ltr

  • Product description

    ● 100% Tempranillo grapes.

    ● Cuisinewine Cooking Wines are produced in South-West Spain at the company’s own winery, Bodega San Marcos in Extremadura, using only DOC recognised wines.

    ● Cuisinewine uses a unique patented ‘ultra-filtration’ process that slowly reduces the ABV of the wine, which means that the range can be classified as a condiment and is not subject to duty or VAT. Since the lower ABV is not achieved through the traditional industrial de-alcoholisation method of boiling the wine that many other cooking wines are subject to, you lose none of the flavours or natural characteristics of the wine.

    ● Wines used in cooking require tannins to remain intact in order to tenderise meat and these can be lost in boiling; as Cuisinewine do not boil their wines, you will not experience this problem when using them. A pinch of salt is added to confirm its condiment status, which has led to many kitchens and businesses saving money on their alcohol budget.

    ● CuisineWine comes in wipe clean 3ltr and 5ltr boxes with a non-drip tap and a convenient handle for ease of use. It has a 15 month shelf life from the date of manufacture and 6 weeks once opened.

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