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Ravioli Courgette & Shrimp (Zucchine e Gamberetti)

Ravioli Courgette & Shrimp (Zucchine e Gamberetti)

  • Product description

    Round pasta, filled with zucchini, prawns and provolone cheese.

  • About the brand

    In 2005, three brothers, Francesco, Antonio, and Fabio, launched The Pasta Factory, specializing in artisanal pasta made with locally sourced ingredients. Their commitment to quality led to the opening of a new facility in 2017, producing fresh and frozen pasta. Handmade with care, their products capture authentic Italian flavours, appealing to individuals and professionals alike. They've transitioned to wholesale while maintaining high standards, and their distribution now spans several continents. Advanced freezing techniques ensure freshness without preservatives, maintaining the original quality of their pasta.

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