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Prosecco Collevento 921 DOC White (Glera) 6 x 75cl

Prosecco Collevento 921 DOC White (Glera) 6 x 75cl

  • Product description

    Brilliant straw yellow. The effervescence is fine and persistent. It smells of Golden Apple, wisteria and acacia flowers, ripe citrus fruits and crunchy peach. In the mouth, captivating sensations stand out that reward drinkability.

  • About the brand

    Back in 1921, grandfather Ignazio founded the Winery, thus entering the scene of Friulian winemaking. The foresight of his son gave way to a significant growth in production, a momentum that was furthered and is renewed continuously today by his daughter Adriana, her husband Lino and their children Caterina, Nicola and Riccardo. The winery includes both the historic site in Colloredo di Prato, where tradition and innovation creatively reign, and the vineyards of Barbeano, located in the heart of the ‘Grave’.


    The wines demonstrate the strength of the territory, Friuli, and testify to the tenacity of a family history that dates back almost a century .Vineyards are located in the Grave del Friuli, a broad dry plain, with stony soils ideal for vines that are at home on calcareous soils and genetically suited to flourish in testing environments. The wines of the Grave reflect the unique characteristics of these soils: mineral, fresh, fragrant, pleasantly alcoholic in content and extremely enjoyable.

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