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Pesto con Basilico Genovese DOP 6x330g

Pesto con Basilico Genovese DOP 6x330g

  • Product description

    ● A recipe with delicate flavor. This pesto is prepared with sunflower seed oil, Genoese PDO basil 34%, a part of extra virgin olive oil, cashew, Grana Padano and Pecorino cheese.

    ● All of Nord Salse recipes are prepared to obtain a perfect balancing of flavors and nutrients. In this way, in this recipe the sunflower seed oil is used to give a delicate nuance and also for its beneficial properties for the health thanks to the high presence of vitamins and minerals.

    ● A pesto that can satisfy the most demanding palates.

    ● A non-pasteurized product with a bright green color.

    ● Packaged in convenient 330g re-sealable containers.

    ● This fresh pesto for chilled preservation is the flagship of the firm.

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