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Pecan Halves 1kg

Pecan Halves 1kg

  • Product description

    Pecan Halves

    • Processing Method:

      • Pecans are harvested and sold in their natural, halved form
    • Appearance:

      • Halved nuts with a distinctive elongated shape
    • Flavor Profile:

      • Rich, buttery, and slightly sweet flavor
    • Origin:

      • Commonly sourced from the southern United States, Mexico, and South Africa
    • Versatility:

      • Versatile nut used in both sweet and savory dishes
    • Usage:

      • Suitable for baking, cooking, snacking, and as a topping for desserts or salads
    • Applications:

      • Incorporate into pies, cookies, salads, or enjoy as a wholesome snack
    • Note:

      • Pecan halves, with their distinctive flavor and buttery texture, add richness and depth to a wide range of culinary creations, making them a popular choice in various dishes.
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