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Parboiled Rice - Riso Toro 5kg

Parboiled Rice - Riso Toro 5kg

  • Product description

    ● The most well-know and versatile type of rice due to the several advantages deriving from the special processing – known as “parboiling” – that the rice grains undergo.

    ● Parboiling is a “precooking” stage that modifies the crystalline structure of starch thus letting salts, proteins and vitamins pass from the grain surface to its centre.

    ● This gives the rice its distinctive capacity not to overcook and to have separate grains. These features make it especially suitable for rice salads and cold dishes.

    ● Parboiled rice is also suitable for preparing pilaf rice and timbales, since it absorbs less fats during the cooking thus resulting in high digestibility.

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