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Niasca Limonata 12 x 250ml

Niasca Limonata 12 x 250ml

  • Product description

    This sparkling lemonade presents itself in a pearl white colour. It has a bouquet to the nose, based on our lemons with elegant notes of elderflowers. To the mouth is palatable and the sourness of the lemons and the sparkling is gently softened. Subtle yet complex. Familiar but evolutionary. Forever delicious and refreshing.

  • About the brand

    Niasca Portofino has been founded by Portofino residents and regulars and has the purpose to: restore local traditions; reuse abandoned land; restore derelict buildings; bring together local businesses; offer high quality services and products at a reasonable price; make Portofino alive and kicking twelve months a year; stretching the peak season; convey the beauty of Portofino and its local products in Italy and abroad.

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