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Napoli Style Pizza Bases 11" x 20 - (Frozen)

Napoli Style Pizza Bases 11" x 20 - (Frozen)

  • Product description

    ● Neapolitan style pre rolled artisanal Pizza Bases.

    ● Doughier finish with a higher edge, this is the classic Neapolitan Style Pizza base ready for topping

    ● These pre stretched bases are produced exclusively by an award winning manufacturer (& 3 time winners of the World Pizza Championships) located in Rome producing Roman style artisan Pizza bases for the professional food sector.

    ● Although production is on an industrial scale utilising modern technology, at the heart of the operation is a focus on tradition and artisan know how & the products are hand crafted by trained Pizzaioli, many of whom trained at the world famous Scuola di Pizzaioli academy in Rome.

    ● The dough is made using a mix of high quality custom made flours naturally leavened for a minimum of 24 hours to make it light & crispy before being hand stretched into the individual base shapes.

    ● The bases are then par baked directly on stone before being Individually Quick Frozen locking all the textures and fragrances in time.


    ● Perfect for all types of food business & skill levels.

    ● Prepare straight from frozen in minutes.

    ● Total control of food costs & wastage as you defrost & cook to order.

    ● Once defrosted can be kept refrigerated up to 4 days.

    ● Can be cooked straight from frozen if necessary.

    ● Total consistency & quality.

    ● No Pizza oven required – cook in a conventional oven.

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