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La Rosina  -  Pomodorino Giallo (Yellow Cherry Tomatoes) 24x400g

La Rosina - Pomodorino Giallo (Yellow Cherry Tomatoes) 24x400g

  • Product description

    With their intense colour, they are ideal for illuminating the table, plus they are acid-free and rich in flavour.
    Yellow cherry tomatoes are perfect for making sauces, creams or accompanying simple traditional dishes or more elaborate ones.

  • About the brand

    The La Rosina company, now in its third generation, was founded in Sant’Antonio Abate in 1960 thanks to the commitment of Giovanni Russo. The name of the company is chosen as a tribute to the first granddaughter of the Campania entrepreneur, Rosa. Although born as an essentially family-run business and as an individual company, the company has managed to establish itself in a short time within the national food industry and internationally. 

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