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Kulurgiones Ogliastrini 3kg

Kulurgiones Ogliastrini 3kg

  • Product description

    ● A true taste of Sardinia, hand-made pasta puches made from durum wheat semolina, egg and water.

    ● Stuffed with Potato, Pecorino Cheese, Fresh Pasteurised Eggs, Garlic and Mint.

    ● Kulurgiones are a type of pasta typical of Sardinia with variations on fillings depending on where you are on the Island.  This version is traditionally from the mountainous are of Ogliastra.

    ● Delicious served with White Truffles, Butter and Pecorino Romano Cheese.


    ● Cook from frozen in minutes with total control of food costs and wastage, these pastas have a yield of up to 50% offering great value for money.

    ● Approximately 20 portions per case.

  • About the brand

    Itagel have been producing Individually Quick Frozen Fresh Pasta on the Island of Sardinia since 1994. Combining tradition and technology, Itagel produces a unique range of products using only durum wheat semolina and the finest Sardinian and Italian ingredients.

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