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Hollandaise Sauce - Macphie 12x1ltr

Hollandaise Sauce - Macphie 12x1ltr

  • Product description

    ● A creamy, ready-to-use butter sauce with lemon and egg yolk.

    ● Simply heat and drizzle over fish, pasta or asparagus. Add tarragon and white wine vinegar to our ready-to-use Hollandaise Sauce to create a fool-proof Béarnaise sauce.

    ● Buttery, zesty and convenient.

    ● Consistently high quality.

    ● Versatile in application, minimal skill set required.

    ● Hollandaise can withstand high temperatures and inclusions without splitting or becoming dull.

    ● Microwave, hob, kettle, bain-marie, hot-cabinet-stable and freeze-thaw stable in application.

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