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Hendricks Gin 70cl

Hendricks Gin 70cl

  • Product description

    The apothecary style bottle alludes to there being something unusual about Hendrick’s. Made in small quantities in two stills in the west coast town of Girvan in Scotland, it’s a blend of two spirits with an addition of unique botanical infusions.

    Subtle hints of cucumber, rose petal, coriander, juniper, citrus

  • About The Brand

    In 2003 the Wall Street Journal declared Hendrick’s “the best gin in the world”. Nothing much has changed because Hendrick’s continue to distil in miniscule batches of 450 litres, giving their master distiller great control over quality. Hendrick’s use a blend of spirits from a rare Carter-Head Still and a small pot still, which give different styles arising from differing construction and distillation methods. The pot still spirit has an oily character with a strong juniper flavour. The spirit from the Carter-Head still is more subtle with light floral and sweet fragrances derived from cucumber and rose petals essences, which give the final gin its distinctive character. Serve with tonic over ice, garnished with cucumber rather than lemon.

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