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Heineken 20ltr Brewlock Keg

Heineken 20ltr Brewlock Keg

  • Product description

    25 million Heinekens are enjoyed daily in 192 countries, making it the world’s most international beer.

    Gerard Heineken founded HEINEKEN in 1873, and it was Freddy Heineken who introduced the tilted ‘e’ to bring joy to every drinker.

    The red star represents the brewer’s symbol – four points represent the pure, natural ingredients – malted barley, water, hops, and the unique Heineken A yeast. The final point represents the passion of craftsmanship.


    Brewlock Heineken Kegs are designed only to be used with the Brewlock David Units which are supplied by Heineken. 

    • 20 litre Heineken keg available for use with the David Unit by Heineken only.
    • ABV – 5%
    • Keg size – 20L
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