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Grosmi Coffee Elite Blend 70% Arabica 6 x 1kg

Grosmi Coffee Elite Blend 70% Arabica 6 x 1kg

  • Product description

    The "Elite" blend by Caffè Grosmi will excite you with his beautiful nut brown, firm crema. A coffee with an intense aroma and very soft on the palate with hints of hazelnut. The "Elite" is perfectly suited for your daily espresso and coffee breaks. This espresso blend is also perfect choice for preparing a cappuccino where he unfolds a pleasant sweetness. Although Caffè Grosmi selects a lighter roast level, typical of Northern Italy, you will get an espresso with the properties of a southern Italy espresso in your cup. The beans are gently roasted individually in the drum roaster and then blended. Thus, Caffè Grosmi perfectly addresses the individual properties of the beans. The Arabica beans come from South and Central America and very elegantly complete this coffee. The Robusta beans from the best coffee plantations of Africa and Asia provide a deliciously dense Crema and a full body.

  • About The Brand

     "Caffè Grosmi" began in 1958 as a small family espresso bar in Sacile, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region. The demand for the excellent espresso grew and attracted more and more people into the bar. Due to the excellent coffee quality, the small company grew and started exporting all over the world. Still a family business and now operated in the second and third generation, the 60 years of experience and passion continues to flow into the coffees of Grosmi.

    The trademark is a lighter roast, giving a strong, intense and creamy cup!

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