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Grilled Artichoke With Stems

Grilled Artichoke With Stems

  • About The Brand

    The Bella Atmosfera range of trays was born in the Viander kitchen thanks to the protective atmosphere used to preserve vegetables outside the fridge.

    Bella Atmosfera vegetables are treated in a gentle way. The thermal stress and acidity required for long-term storage outside the fridge are drastically reduced, to the point of eliminating vinegar altogether. This means that the vegetables retain their taste, organoleptic qualities, and texture.

    Store the tray outside the fridge and only put it in the fridge after opening, thanks to the freshness-keeping lid.

    You can also use the tray directly in the deli counter.

    There's no need to drain the product. Say goodbye to oil disposal!

    The oil does not penetrate the fibers and leaves of the vegetables, leaving no streaks.

    The vegetables express their maximum texture and taste.

    The vinegar has been eliminated to enhance the natural sweetness of the product.

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