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Fior di Latte in Water 10x300g

Fior di Latte in Water 10x300g

  • Product description

    ● Fresh 300g balls of mozzarella in water.

    ● Fior di latte is a stretched curd cheese made with cow's milk, with a typical delicate taste.

    ● Perfect for Neapolitan style pizzas and pizzas cooked in a high temperature oven.

  • About the brand

    The Amodio group has a long history spanning over 130 years in the dairy sector with the tradition of craftmanship, quality and freshness handed down over four generations.
    The strength of the company is producing an industrial product that maintains the flavours and characteristics of artisan production and is as a result of careful organisation during all stages of production as well as using high quality materials which are subject to strict selection and controls.

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