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'Fino'  Balsamic di Modena 1 Leaf 500ml

'Fino' Balsamic di Modena 1 Leaf 500ml

  • Product description

    Excellent versatility for this light bodied vinegar. Typically incisive and persistent, mildly flavoured and fruity.
    Use: salads, fresh or stewed vegetables, marinating

  • About The Brand

    The Ortalli family has poured its passion and wisdom into vinegar production to produce the best possible products for generations.  Our products have a lot to tell. A story of four generations, the love for Italian lands and the passion for the best flavour. We respect our origin. The age-old craft, creativity and respect for the original flavour. We are passionate about traditions that endure, the ways things have always been done. The art of creating without haste from field to the bottle. We tell the story of our products through Blockchain traceability.

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