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Fiano Sannio DOC White 6 x 75cl

Fiano Sannio DOC White 6 x 75cl

  • Product description

    Straw yellow colour with green reflections. On the nose hints of white pulp fruits and toasted hazelnut. The taste is balanced and well-structured by the right acidity.

  • About the brand

    A heritage of a long tradition and culture of the territory: is the essence of Cantine Tora.


    Thanks to the fatherly experience that has been able to hand down from father to son the passion and the tenacity that for more than a century has lead the work in the vineyard of Rillo’s family, in 2004 the brothers Giampiero and Francesco decided to start a new business project: Cantine Tora was founded.


    Cantine Tora is a reality in which respect for tradition is wisely combined with research and the application of modern winemaking techniques, embracing the philosophy of sustainable agriculture, certified by the brands and awards deriving from the several projects they have chosen to join.

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