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Cherry Buffalo Mozzarella 25g (500g)

Cherry Buffalo Mozzarella 25g (500g)

  • Product description

    ● Mozzarella produced from the milk of Buffalo.

    ● Milky and fresh tasting.

    ● 25g balls are convenient and easy to use.

  • About the brand

    The La Marchesa agricultural cooperative was established in 1982 under the direction of the Cirillo family who were among the pioneers of Buffalo Mozzarella from the Campania region of Southern Italy.
    In 1994, La Marchesa joined the consortium for the protection of Buffalo Mozzarella from the Campania region gaining PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status, ensuring the highest standards of quality and controls are complied with in order to maintain DOP certification. It is thanks to its solid roots that today the company is a leader in the production of high quality products appreciated across the world. 

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