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Carbone - Pomodoro Yellow Semidried Spicchi | 1062ml

Carbone - Pomodoro Yellow Semidried Spicchi | 1062ml

  • Product description

    Derived from Carbone company's yellow tomatoes, the product is created by halving, oven-drying, and seasoning the tomatoes with salt, garlic, and basil. These prepared tomatoes are then preserved in sunflower oil.

    With its distinct flavor, the yellow tomato elevates the taste of numerous dishes, particularly those featuring fish and seafood. It's notably recommended for enhancing pizza toppings.

    First documented in the 16th century by Camaldolese monks in Nola, who cultivated it alongside aromatic herbs, this tomato variety boasts a higher sugar content. Notably, its vitamin and aromatic compound content is three times that of the common red tomato.

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