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Caprone 1.5kg

Caprone 1.5kg

  • Product description

    ●  Semi-cured cheese made by pasteurized ewes goat milk.

    ●  The wheel has a honey coloured and texturized rind — all from the legend that shepherds ripened the cheese curd in a typical wicker basket.

    ●  The texture is compact and straw-yellow with mild flavour, slightly creamy, butyric and goaty when young.

    ●  It becomes crumbly, salty with slight bitter earthy attributes and tangy flavour notes when more mature.

  • About the brand

    La Casara Roncolato is a family-run Cheese Factory dating back to the 1920s run by the third generation of Roncolato family, retaining traditional methods of Cheese making with various exclusive and appealing types of cheese within their range.

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