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Buffalo Mozzarella 24x125g

Buffalo Mozzarella 24x125g

  • Product description

    ● Mozzarella produced from the milk of Buffalo.

    ● Super fresh handcrafted Buffalo Milk Mozzarella in water, produced near Salerno in the Campania region of Southern Italy.

    ● Milky and fresh tasting.

  • About the brand

    Formed in 1957, La Cilentana products are created using the highest quality milk from Buffalo which freely graze the pastures around Salerno.
    Both the Buffalo and resulting milk are subject to rigorous checks ensuring animal welfare, hygiene and quality standards are continuously observed.
    La Cilentana is a wonderful example of traditional workmanship meeting the most modern production technologies resulting in wonderful products with a unique and unmistakeable taste.

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