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Black Sesame Seeds 1kg

Black Sesame Seeds 1kg

  • Product description

    Black Sesame Seeds

    • Processing Method:

      • Harvested and processed from black sesame plants
    • Color:

      • Distinctive black color
    • Origin:

      • Typically sourced from various regions, including Asia
    • Flavor Profile:

      • Nutty and earthy flavor
    • Versatility:

      • Highly versatile seed with diverse culinary applications
    • Usage:

      • Used in both sweet and savory dishes, as well as for garnishing
    • Applications:

      • Incorporate into baked goods, salads, sushi, and desserts
    • Note:

      • Black sesame seeds add a unique visual appeal and a rich, nutty taste to a variety of dishes, making them a popular choice in many cuisines.
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