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Asiago 1.5-2kg

Asiago 1.5-2kg

  • Product description

    ● Smooth, fresh, pressed Cows Milk Cheese, Asiago is typical of the Veneto and Trentinio regions and has origins in the 10th century.

    ● Perfect for Painini, melted into Sauces or through Pasta or to add a lovely fresh flavour to Salads.

    ● Asiago has protected designated origin – DOP – status.

    ● Approx 1.5-2kg 

  • About the brand

    Now a third-generation family business, Luigi Pastro s.a.s. was established in the 1920s in Selva del Montello. Born as a cheese factory producing local specialties, the company was later converted into a modern facility focused on the ageing, cutting and marketing of both national and foreign cheeses.
    The company, registered in the Grana Padano Protection Consortium, is both authorized to perform the ageing process and to package products.

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