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Spumante Rosé 0,0% 6 x 75cl


Spumante Rosé 0,0% 6 x 75cl

  • Product description

    Dealcholised Spumante.
    Pale coral pink color. The nose reveals fruity scents of apple with a light hint of red fruits. 
    The palate has good freshness, acidity and a certain roundness. Perfect throughout the meal for the pleasantness of its fine perlage and for excellent nonalcoholic aperitifs.

  • About The Brand

    Franc Lizêr is a dealcoholized wine that pays homage to the joy of celebrating life respecting the winemaking tradition of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, a northeastern Italian region with a terroir particularly suited to grape growing and very well known for its outstanding wines.

    Franc Lizêr means ‘free’ and ‘light’ in the Friulian language, and reflects the soul of our wines, the result of a careful selection in the vineyard and quality work in the cellar.

    The wines are the elegant alternative for those who want to toast without drinking alcohol, with the guarantee of constant attention during every stage of the production.

    From the vineyard to the cellar Franc Lizêr offers wines that make it possible for everybody to pop a bottle ofhigh quality spumante.

    Today, the range offers two dealcoholized sparkling wines made from carefully selected indigenous Friuli-Venezia Giulia grapes: a Rosé and a Blancde Blancs dedicated to those who wish to enjoy wine without consuming alcohol. Without alcohol, all the pleasure of an excellent wine remains.

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