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Rosso Piceno Tarà DOC

Rosso Piceno Tarà DOC

  • Product description

    Forget blends and labels – this red speaks of tradition, echoing the peasant wines of sharecropping days. Bursting with life, it reflects the vibrant landscape in its aromas of juicy raspberries, floral cyclamen, and tart Morello cherries. A surprising citrus twist of chinotto finishes the journey. This is the unpretentious union of Montepulciano and Sangiovese, two grapes intertwined since time immemorial.

  • About The Brand

    Cocci Grifoni is a family-run winery in Marche, Italy, established in 1933.

    Founded by Guido Cocci Grifoni, the winery emphasizes connection to the land and sustainability. They practice organic farming and protect biodiversity, while reviving local grape varieties like Pecorino. 

    Known for their bold choices, they were the first to bottle Rosso Piceno Superiore and create sparkling Passerina. Today, they offer wine tourism experiences at their Relais Cocci Grifoni resort, allowing visitors to discover the wines and region firsthand.

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