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Pecorino Pepato (Peppercorns) 1.5-2kg

Pecorino Pepato (Peppercorns) 1.5-2kg

  • Product description

    ● Ewe’s milk Pecorino table cheese with smooth white crust, raw compact paste with black peppercorns inside.

    ● Soft mild cheese with a spicy taste.

    ● Whole wheel - approx 1.5-2kg.

  • About the brand

    CAO Formaggi is a Cooperative composed of 700 members that was founded on the island of Sardinia in 1966. The cooperative was established with the aim of bringing together a group of farmers to transform the milk produced in the respective companies in order to create a distinguished production of delicious cheeses with high quality standards. The farmers' union also intended to enhance and recognize the work and characteristics of the sheep milk heritage of the territory.

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