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Panciotti Cappesante e Gamberi (Scallop & Prawns) 2kg

Panciotti Cappesante e Gamberi (Scallop & Prawns) 2kg

  • Product description

    ● Large discs of Pasta with an incredible seafood filling.

    ● The filling comprises 24% Braised South Pacific Scallops and 23,5% North Atlantic Prawns with both parts of the scallop  - flesh and coral -  used in the filling.

    ● Serve with your favourite sauce - great with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Garlic & Chili or Saffron Butter.

    ● Great incorporated into other dishes with fish, grilled vegetables etc.


    ● Suggested number of pieces per portion: 4  (approx. 130g).
    ● 7 trays per box - 9 pieces per tray – 63 pieces per case.
    ● Cooking time in boiling water: 6 minutes.

  • About the brand

    The Divine Creazioni range is produced on machines which replicate the finish of handmade pasta.
    Containing an average of 8 eggs per kilo of flour and using premium ingredients for the handmade fillings, once produced the pieces of pasta are selected at random and assembled in segmented trays resulting in no 2 pieces of pasta being the same in each tray. This gives the impression of true handmade artisanal pasta….cook to order straight from your freezer!

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