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Orecchiette 3kg

Orecchiette 3kg

SKU: FP013
  • Product description

    ● A speciality of Puglia, these bronze cut small Pasta “ears” are traditionally served with Sausages, Cime di Rapa and Pecorino Cheese.

    ● Great with Vegetable based sauces or with Tomato Sauce, small Meat Balls and strong matured Ricotta Cheese.


    ● Suggested portion: approx. 100g.

    ● Approximately 30 portions per case.

    ● Cooking time in boiling water: 4-5 minutes.


    ● The ultimate Fresh Pasta solution.

    ● Each piece has a fixed weight offering accurate portion and cost control.

    ● Zero wastage - cook straight from frozen to order in minutes.

  • About the brand

    Laboratorio Tortellini is a range of Individually Quick Frozen Fresh Pasta produced by Surgital S.p.A. in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy which is considered by many to be the food cradle of Italy.
    The emphasis is on using top quality ingredients combined with traditional artisan techniques and the pasta is produced in line with age old traditions of the region before being preserved using a method of deep freezing which guarantees that every piece of Pasta has every ounce of flavour locked inside, keeping it as fresh as the moment it was produced.

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