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Montelupo 2kg

Montelupo 2kg

  • Product description

    • Monte Veronese Allevo Vecchio DOP is a protected designation
    of origin cheese. It hails from an area whose cheese making traditions date back to medieval times, though it’s only been called “Monte” for about 200 years.

    • It is made in small wheels and has a buttery yellow colour rind and
    springy creamy slightly grainy texture scattered by tiny holes. Its texture and colour can change and relates to the seasonal
    production time.

    • It is a semi-cooked cheese made with unpasteurised cows’ milk
    salted in brine and aged for minimum of a year. Its flavour is intense,
    a full-bodied, bold taste slightly tangy and dry.


    • Approx. weight 2kg.

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