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Julienne Fior di Latte 3kg

Julienne Fior di Latte 3kg

  • Product description

    ● Pre-cut à la julienne.

    ● Ideal for the preparation of pizza, thanks to its stringy consistency and its melt-in-the-mouth texture that allows it to blend with other flavors.

    ● Also suitable for on top of baked oven dishes due to its medium water content.

    ● The convenient and practical packaging, due to its size, is suitable to be placed directly on the worktop or in the pizza chef's counter containers.

  • About the brand

    Sori Fior di Latte is made according to the family dairy tradition, which has been passed down for generations since 1868.This is Mozzarella production as it once was using natural graft whey and letting it rest for more than 4 hours before spinning.
    The ingredients are simple: fresh and selected cow's milk and microbiologically pure spring water, which is submitted to over 300 weekly checks. This is how Sori Fior di Latte is born, from the uncontaminated territory of the Roccamonona Park directly to your table.

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