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Castelcerino 3kg

Castelcerino 3kg

  • Product description

    ●  This cheese is named Castelcerino, a suburb of Soave. As the story tells, this little rural area was dedicated to cheese production. It is cured in caves where it develops noble mold and its rind becomes a yellow-grey colour.

    ● This ancient cheese with its delicate, slightly sour flavour and distinctive moist, flaky texture is made from pasteurised cows’ milk. It has a mellow, rather savoury character, and a firm texture.


    ● Approx. weight 3kg.

  • About the brand

    La Casara Roncolato is a family-run Cheese Factory dating back to the 1920s run by the third generation of Roncolato family, retaining traditional methods of Cheese making with various exclusive and appealing types of cheese within their range.

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