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Acqua Panna Still PET 24 x 500ml

Acqua Panna Still PET 24 x 500ml

  • Product description

    Perfectly balanced, light and luminous with a tonic note, Acqua Panna has the rare ability to enhance even the most delicate flavours. A fascinating nature that mirrors the earth of Tuscany from which it flows. Since it’s addition within the Aqua Amore portfolio, our customers enjoy Acqua Panna delivered directly to their door – whether to their home or office workplace – directly from our London warehouses.

    Acqua Panna encompasses the very essence of Tuscan lifestyle, heritage and fine elegance, an extraordinary water rooted in the heart of the Italian culinary, artistic and historical tradition.

    Known for its remarkable limpidness and freshness, with subtle but very pleasant flavours, Acqua Panna natural mineral water flows from the Apennines Mountains inside the very heart of the picturesque Tuscan landscape. It is then delivered directly to your office, home or restaurant by our team of Aqua Amore delivery drivers.

    Here, sheltered by uncontaminated nature since Renaissance times, it continues to surface in all its purity, in a perfect setting, as it has done for centuries. Bottled at the source, Acqua Panna reaches the finest tables around the world as pure as it came from its springs.

    Acqua Panna is the still version of the popular Italian water, San Pellegrino. The high pH makes this quite a sweet water.

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